Friday, May 12, 2006 Rocks!

I have never been in the habit of sucking up to people who link to me, so this feels dirty. Not as dirty as the Drudge Reports "lead story" that an 11 year old girl in England is Preggars. But dirty nonetheless. (Yes there is even a picture-and ya the 34 year old Mom of the daughter looks hot!) - Table of Contents page is a sweet little blog that links me (and even calls me a blogger) about 4 paragraphs down on it's May 11th entry. A few hundred hits later and many of you now know that I was probably the first blogger to "yipe" about Fox & Friends reactionary coverage of USA Today's disclosure of a secret phone-data collection program run by the NSA.

A reader commented on my ability to watch Fox & Friends:

I can't believe you can sit through Fox and Friends. What's fucking wrong with you?I really need to know. My dad can watch Fox all day and he's a raving liberal. I have to know what to do about it. Have you ever tried to find a cure? I wonder if they planted a chip in his head. Any odd bumps appear on your skull after a night of drinking lately?You see I have this theory...

Well he is right! I do have a chip implanted in me, also some strange bumps on my head. But I prefer not to talk about that. I also think it's kinda rude to bring it up. But what they hey... I am gonna make sure that Dudley-do-Right gets his implant and bump....

Or, maybe I am just turned on by Kiran Chetry. Is there is something perversely wrong with me because I have an unusual attraction to conservative Hot Chicks? I'll let the reader draw his /her own conclusion.

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