Wednesday, April 25, 2007

things are happening to me. I am just not posting about them,

I met my other blog g/f Miss "Knows it All." I missed her getting real drunk. But as a friend of mine told her, "You looking skinny girl." *

All I know is it was freaky to meet someone I only e-chated with. Not freaky in a sleep-with-sheep-kind-of-way, just freaky regular.

I met another Cougar. Her name was Katrina. We called her the "Hurricane." Best nickname ever.

I am avoiding at all costs updating this blog. I have no idea why.
* My message to Knows it all
It's like somehow I don't make the cut. I don't warrant a mention. That meeting me was some how anti-climatic for you. I blame you for that. I will take no personal responsibility whatsover for your feelings.
But I hope that you will. I hope you come to the understanding that meeting me was the first day of your real life. That all was false positive until that fateful day.But I always hope in vain. The human spirit is fragile and weak. It always lets me down. I should not rely upon it anymore.Instead I should just strap myself on board a backpack bomb of some lonely middle eastern terrorist at banana republic.
Kaboom Banana Republic. Kaboom.


Evil Spock said...

Wait, you're meeting real people? You mean these blogs on the interweb aren't all written by some machine designed by Big Blue? I'm not the only out there?

*starts to weep*

Amber Dalton said...

Cease your non-posting. Now.

Dr. Stephanie said...

Face your fears, bitch. Start POSTING.

Romius T. said...

ok ok

Knows It All said...

I honestly have no freaking excuse.
NONE. Maybe it has something to do with my recurring lesbian dreams.

WHAT are you going to do with that? Really.

I have so many overdue comments, but lately, I'm either too drunk or too late to get them out. Shake it up.

Romius T. said...

i guess i need to hook up a threesome with you and foxxy love
mmm cocoa and vanilla swirl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!