Friday, April 06, 2007

Kim Dillion stole my heart and 400 dollars of clothing from Dillard's

I have a strange obsession with local TV news anchors. Maybe you remember I tried making that News Anchor Celebrity Blog . I had plans to join up with local bloggers around the country to blog about TV news personalities. I am just full of great ideas like that.

I spend my nights losing sleep wondering why Sean McLaughlin is no longer on the Today show. He had to crawl back to Channel 5 in Phoenix after failing in the Big Apple. I think it might be because he's so skinny. People like their morning weather guys to be fat and jolly like Willard Scott.

All of which brings me to my point. Kim Dillion a local TV weather girl was found guilty of stealing 400 dollars worth of clothes from Dillard's. This is just my personal opinion, but I think we should go easy on her.

TV personalities are not paid what you expect and they have to buy their own clothing. Imagine the pressure of trying to buy a new outfit everyday. It's enough to make you take pills so and forget you have to pay for all those damn pencil skirt outfits.
You must go read the comments from a local columnist. This thing is being dissected like it's the OJ trial.

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DrugMonkey said...

Did someone say take pills?

That's what butters my bread baby.....