Sunday, April 29, 2007

Why can't you just start writing something, ignore the email that says you are boring, she never read the book you lent her anyways.

Writers are supposed to write. That's what they do. When they are not writing they are not being themselves. Writers don't have to be good. Most are not. And none of us will change the world. Marx was wrong about that too.

I know I am not going to change anything about the world by writing these few sentences. Other that the fact that for the first time when you click on my blog you will notice that it has changed a bit. That I did something for a change.

One of the reasons I am not writing is that I am not doing anything. I also think that it is pretty pretentious to call this writing, or to call myself a writer. I'd like to be a writer one day. And the only way you can ever get there is by writing everyday. By trying to improve.

It makes no sense to make atonement this way. By not writing. Idiosyncratic self punishment instead of action. A deep character flaw of mine. I wished I hadn't told you that. Because unless you knww me personally you might not have ever guessed it. Too late, now you know.

Thanks Amber and Dr. Stephanie for the encouragement to write.

In news of the Awesome. I had a student journalist contact me about my "cougar" post. She wants to include some quotes and stuff in a story she is doing on the subject. Did I mention that the student might be the hottest chick ever? Oh, I guess I just did.


Amber Dalton said...

Pfft. It wasn't us. Thanks for the link, regardless.

Dr. Stephanie said...

Yeahhhhh. That's more like it! Now lather, rinse, and repeat.