Thursday, April 12, 2007

This is not the novel I am not working on. I don't know when that novel is coming...

Arabic music played on the computer. I sat reading an e-book from the local library. I had decided to stop writing in this stupid blog. I was going to write a novel maybe. That way no one would have to read any of my dribble.

I tried breathing through my nose, but I was congested. I sat on the toilet to pee.

I saw the beer can only after it whizzed by me. Close enough to my ear that it buzzed at me as it flew past. Like it was warning me. Telling me how lucky I was. That it coulda fucked me up.

I looked up and saw a truck drive past me. Two yahoos laughing in the back, daring me. I looked around and saw a stone. I picked up the rock. In my hands it felt powerful. I felt like David. Slingshot ready. I cocked my arm back. I'm a good aim. The car was speeding away, but it wasn't out of my range just yet.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

It was a female voice. The voice distracted me from throwing. The car was now out of my range. I still had a tight grip on the rock. "I'll take care of it for you." The voice belonged to a policewomen. She had seen the can and was busy scribbling down the license plate and a description of the car on her police pad.

"You think you could drop the rock for me?" She was attempting to ascertain my threat level. Her tone indicated to me that I should drop the stone. Quickly if I wanted to remain on the "victim" side of things. Her eyes stayed focused on my hand all the time she wrote.

My eyes were stinging. I was imagining how my rock would have hit that fucker in the middle of his head. He probably would have fallen out of the truck bed and landed on the asphalt. I was still clenching the rock when the word "rock" finally registered with me. I looked down at the rock and let it drop. It hit my foot with a soft thud and rolled off in to the street.

"I am gonna need a statement from you. And I'll need you to fill out a form if you want to prosecute." She tugged her hair blowing in the wind behind her ears. An adorable habit in a woman. "You do want to prosecute don't you?" She emphasized the "you" because I didn't seem to be responding much to her.

"You bet I do." I told her.

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