Monday, April 30, 2007

MAY DAY 2007

Once again it's nearly that time of year when anarchists and communists get together to celebrate the last victory of the working class - The 8 hour working day.

I am unemployed currently, so I don't have much right to gripe about capitalism these days. But in true Bukowski fashion I must celebrate my refusal to work. I won't even write a new post. I am just going to repost a blog entry from when the "Man" used to be able to keep me down.

My work blog for Labor Day 2006

I only celebrate 2 religious holidays a year. May Day and Labor Day.

I will be working my religious holiday this year. I don't work Mondays normally, so I didn't think to ask for it off. So of course I get scheduled on Labor Day.

"I just treated it like any other day."

That's what the boss said when I asked her about why I was working on the only day working people shouldn't have to.

Of course you did. Why not? I thought.

Just like I treat the fact that I have been disfigured* and disabled** as just a "regular part of working for the capitalist pigs."

Lucky for me though, this is PalmGhetto. So a regular workday here is never just another "regular workday." Instead of spending my holiday trying to chant pro-union songs all day (I don't know any lyrics), I can spend the day trying to avoid white trash conversations at my lunchtime locker.

The following conversation is not verbatim:

After informing me that the "Bitch in the register next to me better watch her ass" because "she is talking a lot of shit," I overhear the middle aged cashier on her cell phone telling her drug buying prospects that she "had a little something if you are interested."

I try to change the subject from violence and drugs to my aching back. Crazy cashier girl busts out with her "tabs" and asks if I need any. I politely decline and mention I'd rather continue to vomit up my own blood from taking all that Aleve instead.

* I hesitate to place a picture of the hideous scar on the lower half of my thumb which I received from scraping it against the trash can bin.

** I've been vomiting liters of blood from all the Aleve I've been taking for the back pain I incurred whilst mopping an entire bakery floor with a kitchen sized mop.


Yas said...

i keep lookin for all these so called film noir reviews.... and no such luck yet...

point me in the right direction tempe boy! ;p

signed ...

ahwatukee girl

Romius T. said...

well i have only done 2of them, and people hate when i review them. iget tons of email that says stop reviewing movies, but i can't.