Monday, June 18, 2007

I love my McJob

Mc Donald's would like you to forget that they offer only low skill low paying jobs with few perks or benifits. They've even re-started an old attempt to get the dictionary to re-define the word McJob as something I guess we would all want to do.

I can't speak for Douglas Copeland, but I am pretty god damn pissed off about that. But no matter how pissed I was I figured no way in hell anybody is going to buy that idea from McDonald's I was wrong.

I was watching TV last night. There is a TV in the kitchen. I was making a grilled cheese sandwich. On TV was an all black situation comedy. I don't know how I was watching UPN. Maybe some kind of poltergeist was fucking with me.

At one point in the sitcom a women meets a man for a blind date. She finds out he works at Mickey D's. Before she protest he interrupts her. He gives her the corporate spill about how great it is to work at McDonald's. That one day he will own a few franchises and he will be rich. It won't be long before he can spread the bling bling.

Now I will have to admit to being a bit too white here. I can't recall the name of TV show. Or even what the situation of the show was. I do remember there may have been a couple of hot white girls on the show. Does anyone know what show I am talking about?

How about my minority friends. You guys probably watch this kind of crap. If it helps the girl talking to the Mickeys guy was in a relationship with another regular on the show, but she was trying to get him jealous. I really want to get this article digged, so I am going to need more facts. I want to expose the corruption of Mickeys, UPN, and shitty Hollywood writers who can sell out their souls for a few bucks.

I mean it's not like I would blog about thenew Police album for 10 bucks from pay per post .com

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