Thursday, June 21, 2007

I want to buy Dale Rippy a beer!

And I would make sure that I used that new Sam Adams beer glass. The beer glass is supposed to make beer taste even better. I don't think that is even possible. Another thing I never figured was possible was for a 62 year old man to defend himself against a rabies infested bobcat. But Dale Rippy did.

Dale Rippy (great name) is my new hero. He found himself in a battle, rabid bobcat vs. senior citizen. And he came out on top!

"A resident of Wesley Chapel, Florida, was pulling trashcans back to his house May 30 when he saw what he thought was a large cat. After realizing the animal was actually a bobcat, he set the trashcans down and prepared for an attack."

Boy did he.

“I started choking it when got a good hold,” he said. “I choked it ‘til he died. I got scratched up pretty good.”

Way to go old timer.


Jezebelsriot said...

I bet my declawed housecat could kick his ass. I should challenge him to a battle.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Imagine an army of him, they'd kick ass in Iraq.

What A Crock said...

oh my god what a beautiful.. beer glass!! lol

the bobcat too. is it wrong to want giant fuzzy animals??

Evil Spock said...

Why didn't that hilljack call animal control?!? I hate Florida.

Dr. Stephanie said...

Jesus H! Florida's senior citizen population is breeding bigger and badder every year!

threetoedsloth said...

That cat looks awfully small to cause any harm. Is he the Monty Python rabbit of the cat world?

Romius T. said...


i bet old dale would kick some ass, don't try it~

doc monkey-we should only hope that we could get an army that kick ass

it is not wrong to want fuzzy animals if you are into that kind of thing...i am shocked that you are a fuzzy like that

evil spock
dale had no chance to run, he had to defend himself. since i hate all animals i love how he killed it with his bare hands, saved us all dome tax dollars!

doc steph,
right on ! me'sa scared of old people!

three toe

me thinks you are from the big city and underestimate the killing power of kitty cats!

Anonymous said...

Dale passed away on on March 28, 2010. He was my neighbor for 15 years. See obituary:

Romius T. said...

I'm so sorry to hear that.