Monday, May 05, 2008

May 5th is Karl Marx's birthday which means May 1st has come and gone

Today is Karl Marx's birthday. I am sure he would hate me going to work at some capitalist place of employment on his birthday. Unless he expected to borrow money from me, and if I was a friend of Karl Marx I am sure he would expect me to lend money to him.

I did nothing to celebrate May 1st this year, because I was working. Normally I like to march along with a few dozen or so of the anarchists in the middle of downtown Tempe. Mostly folks just yell at as for being counter culture. I always dress like a preppie to suggest that I am not a member of the anarchist crowd. And to let the good middle classed people know that we aren't a threat. That we don't want to blow stuff up we just want to discuss the corporate takeover of our small downtown area.

Read a book review of the war on homeless in Tempe. All I can tell you about Tempe is that most white people that live here like the Gap and if you chant songs about child labor expect to get booed from the balcony over at Hooter's, because if you can afford chicken wings and beer then you don't want to be reminded that you have a part to play in child labor abuses.

I did get asked how I celebrated May 1st by a cute school teacher. She thought May Day had something to do with Bulgaria and dressing up funny. I guess that is one way. But here is belated post explaining May Day.


I just learned that my juice boxes come from China. I know I should not drink juices from China. Death by dioxin poison will be painful, but I deserve it.

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Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I celebrated May 1 by oppressing someone.