Monday, July 18, 2005

My Kings Got Cracked!

Sunday, I was at the Fort's Texas Hold' em tourney.
I did ok with over 140 entrants I finished a respectable number 32. This was just my second "real" tournament, I finished 14th my first time.

I started off a little sloppy and lost 25 % of my stack before the first hour on little stupid calls with kq and such. It got a little better after I was raised 600 chips when I had pocket Jacks.

Truthfully I was a little concerned, I figured he musta had a high pocket pair as the table was very tight to start off. I called and when the flop came I was stoked: Jack , Duce, Nine. after seeing what he believed to be a good flop for him (no kings or aces) the prick to the right of me with pocket queens goes "all-in" , but before he is done pushing out his chips in I yell out "I call."

Someone near the bottom of my table chirped "Could you have called that any quicker?" I proceeded to kick his ass, even if he was some sorta "Rage in the Cage" coach. I figured I should mention it, since he did 26 different times.

I won a few more hands and by the third break, I had an above average chip count, but I just could not catch any cards and eventually I was ante and blinded down to 5000 chips. By that time I finally gota playable hand (pocket kings) the blinds became 3000. My "all in" drew four fucking callers, I just couldn't scare any one off with such a small bet and of course an Ace flops.

I learned a valuable lesson, I need to make a few more moves during middle rounds (like stealing blinds) if I am going to be able to make a final table. Well at least I did not call an all-in move against me with a pair of 5's like my buddy The Card Shark!

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