Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Eye that spits is the Eye that deceives.

It was midnight, the witching hour, though the doom of All Hallow's Eve had past the knock that came upon my door at that ungodly hour filled me with unease. I opened the door and found before me nothing less than a member of that ancient cult The 4 sided triangle.

Lured by bequests of intoxicants and paradise (which all men seeketh) she was summoned unto me. I was "to accompany her into a great tomb." And I was told "to make no mention of her appearance, nor engage in the dispersion of rumor that [her] appearance before me was other than that of a quest and no other kind." Further she stated, "Nor, will you besmirch my name or reputation."

I beseached her to inform me of our destination. "Silence!" She commanded. "The eye that spitheth, speaks to deceive the triangle. I have been warned not not to abide by thy tongue. You are the serpent!"

As if the first sin of sinners was Me.
As if she had no knowledge of the Tree
As if she had not tasted of the fruit
plucked first by her limb
And was first to speaketh
it was through her that the fruit first came to me.

I will describe to you only what I saw with my own eyes, my vision, that sensory organ of truth which catches the ignorance of darkness with it's illumination. I was to meet the great chiefs of her tribe. And is the common custom of that tribe I was greeted by one who took her clitoris, and in the ways of that deviant sex, rubbed it betwixt my nose 4 times as a greeting.

I was led into a great room, and in there was a platform, circular in manner, raised 4 and 2 feet above the ground. A long pole stood from ceiling to floor and great worship was given unto this pole by those of whom are known as the 4 sided triangle.

Finally a voice speaketh to me "I liketh not the Eye that Spiteth."

"You who would use the fruit of the eye to spit the evil that is within you, must be banished and your name will be written in the great book. And a seal with be affixed in the great book for all time."

"But what crime have I committed?"

"The eye that spits never ceases to speak, for it is know that you are old, and it is known that you are a mental defective, and that members of your own tribe would disavow you."

"I know not of these accusations. Nor of the charge of this jury."

But was it for crimes of the serpent that I was hung that night? Perhaps, but perhaps it was all a dream. For I have taken to reading of Skull and Bones. Or was it that Isla Bonita's identity had at last been confirmed by me. I cannnot know. These are secrets that even the EyE cannot see.


La Isla said...

wow...that's some fancy rhyming you did! but i don't remember saying - don't mention my appearance - unless you count whem you walked me to my truck and i said - stop spreading rumors about me coming to fuck ya!

romiustexis said...

I always fictionalize to protect the innocent.