Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hell has a newspaper.

How do you get a bloglisting from me? When you call a 14 year old girl a "manipulative sexual animal." A quote like that is good enough for me, and it doesn't hurt that if you have added me to your bloglist either.

"Call me crazy but the people I feel sorry for are the two dead parents sitting here on Serratoth of Kara Borden wondering how they got here. But folks you probably underestimated the one thing you didn't want to see your daughter as at the age of 14 as a manipulative sexual animal who knew she could use her attractive skill set to get a typical, pliable, 18 year old boy to do what came natural if confronted with an end to the literal time of his life. "

I am not sure if we can expect that kind of greatness from Editorials from Hell's leading daily newspaper , but let's hope so.

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