Friday, November 11, 2005

The Frenchies get my Volvo.

It what can only be described as the "Frenchizination" of my Volvo, my little Volvie had her window punched out and passenger side mirror knocked off in two separate incidents this week.

Most people would be consumed with rage following the vandalization of their property; however, I am not. Certainly I am a bit perplexed. Around my neighborhood my car stands out only by showing how desperatly poor I am. A 1989 Volvo with their paint peeling should inspire not the least amount of envy even to the "roaming bands" of homeless drug pushers who straddle the pathways between housing projects which the residential area I live in seperates.

I certainly understand the reason you torch middle class homes and property when your poor. The Middle Class in America ignores any problem that does not touch them. The only way to secure their attention is to make them feel unsafe (ask the Republicans.)

But I thought I straddled the line between poverty and middle class enough to convince them that torching my car is like attacking their own. True sometimes you have to "keep it real" and represent to your own kind to keep them in line, but I am all for other people's car's getting torched and you Frenchies getting pardoned by some liberal pansy like Carter on account of your victimhood.

But I guess that's not the case, anyone for standing shotgun by my house tonight? I"ll bring the bullets, you shoot the Frenchies!


Cavalor Epthith said...

If you give me acouple of days maybe through my connexions I could find tupac Shakur for you. Imagine the horror that visage would inspire peering out from the clear plastic covering the absence of SaftiGlas.

Cavalor Epthith
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romiustexis said...

You mean tupac really is dead?