Thursday, September 28, 2006

History is alive and well.

Like most of my generation I thought history happened to other people. You read about it in books and tried to memorize important dates and people so you could show off to your buddies while playing countdown trivia at bars.

We are living in history.

They have repealed the 4th Amendment.

What more do they have to do
? Steal elections, lie us into wars, torture our enemies and afterwards pardon themselves for their crimes. That isn't enough to awaken us from our doldrums?

How many amendments to the constitution need to be discarded before we realize the biggest threat we Americans face comes from our leaders?


Jezebelsriot said...

I'm afraid we're all at a loss. We feel helpless, we've seen a thousand images of protests either dwindled to impotence or squashed with bloodshed and we've no idea what to do. So we flip on CSI and hope someone else takes care of it. Until it's our son or daughter or us. Until then no one cares.

romiustexis said...

I agree we all feel helpless