Thursday, September 28, 2006

MySpace messaging Nicky Hilton.

Hi Nicky

I just hoped to get your attention for a short bit, and since you read 90% of your messages I thought it was feasible.. You see I am sort of a loser and all. I figured if I got somebody as cool and famous as you to stop and think about lil old me for a sec it would the highlight of my lifetime!

I know that maybe asking a lot as I am not a handsome man or a rich man or a man with any talents. Sure I can roll my R's, but I think that is genetic. So it doesn't count as a talent. Yesterday I had a dream where we struck up a converstion. But don't worry I am not a stalker or anything!

It would be really cool if you messaged me back even if it were just a copy and paste job like..

"Gee, it was nice to meet ya!"

When I typed this I really thought it might work. I am working through a strong case of the ennui. My hope, like that of all Americans, is that a celebrity might be able to get me through it. I thought about watching Racheal Ray's new morning chat show, but then I would have to shoot myself.

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Jezebelsriot said...

I say shoot for the stars. Shoot.