Saturday, September 02, 2006

Walmart vs. Target? Or why I refuse to write diatribes against MILF's and their love for Target.

I know you don't spend a lot of time contemplating the differences between Walmart and Target. You spend your time hustling. How else can you afford all your habits? I can't blame you. Frutie Pebbles and Wilfred Brimley's 'amateur porn' audition tapes aren't cheap.

No need to worry. You haven't wasted any time not worrying about this issue. Why? Because there's not that much difference between The Walmart and Target. Almost no difference.

You can go read the Alternet article and decide for yourself. Or you could just be lazy and let me recap it for you.

They both pay shitty. They are both anti-union. Target donates way more money to charity. Target is way cuter.

It's true too. Target is way cuter. Hey, I know... they pronounce Target in the French. But MILF's and Soccer Moms aren't alone in getting caught up in the 'cultural mystique' that allows advertisers to encourage 'where' consumers purchase their 'commodities' to become part of the construction of their personal identity.

Anyways, it is hardly the fault of any Soccer Mom that the Left has lost its moral advantage to the RepublicaScum. (tm) It was the fucking Boomers who abandoned the defense of the working class and it was the Boomers who substituted boycotts for radicalism and 'buying green' for revolution.

The whole purpose of this blog is to avoid the Pedantry that infuses much of the orthodoxy.

That's why I refuse to write a post that attacks MILF's for caring too much about the differences between Americas favorite two box retailers.
Because I avoid pedantry and because I spend way to much of my day pretending to hide a semi-hard-on behind my 'baker's apron' to make such an attack.

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katie schwartz said...

my god you have a way with words. oomphaa