Friday, September 15, 2006

Larry King Strikes Back.

Hey Folks,

I know this is just my second post since joining this illustrious blog. But things back at the old Loatian Mini Wife Turkey-baster breeding farm have been busy.

What events could have aroused me from my slumber? A Hollywood Tragedy. No less a personage than Anna Nicole Smith's son has died and now some in the media want to blame her for it.

From the reports, I hear she attempted to give him mouth to mouth. I can't imagine a dead person not getting aroused by that. I am pretty sure I just solved this case. Just go arrest Howard K. Stern and leave my octogenarian loving playmate alone. I may need a 10th wife soon.

526 Laotian Mini-Wives were bored by this post.

Larry King blogs every Thursday night at 6 P.M., when he's not too drunk he posts.

1 comment:

katie schwartz said...

I read this post earlier. I love this post. you're so fuckin' sick. please don't change. promise? I need some fuckin' continuity in my life.