Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bathos Cosmology-The Graduate Course.

The MYTHology of Bathos may be complicated, but certainly it should not be as muddled as say the mythology of Charmed.

I've been in a long process of review on this blog.


Basic Cosmology & Bathos 203

I have recently added a few loyal readers and they might want to "get up to speed" on my obsession with Steve Nash's wife.

It's also been a lot of work, so I don't have much new to post.

But since it has been so much work I think you should go read some of the new/old stuff. I have added links, pictures and some times I have edited more than just the grammar and spelling.

Plus you've probably forgotten how great some of the old posts were.

Like Dignity does not come cheap.

It starts off as the true story of Romius T. walking to Mcdonald's to collect his inoperative Buick and turns into a 2nd person account of a Norwegian girl's parents murder and her subsequent rape by Uncle Billy (aka Santa) who happens to be from England.

The rest kinda suck. I haven't tried to rewrite them, but kept the flavor of the original post. I included this post on Oprah because within the post there is a new link to a pantyless Lindsay Lohan and because I like Kafka.
Of course one my new readers is this chick, and she might get pissed about how she was profiled in a previous post. But I figure she won't come back here, cuz reading sucks.

Unless you did. But what are the odds? I saw on my stats traffic that you clicked two whole links. Is it because I used big words? Is it because none of the posts were about you? I guess we fixed that, eh? Glad you're back.


Romius T.

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katie schwartz said...

oh, I know where I'm going to be tonight, cruising your archives.

ok, the smegma d's yarn. dude, wtf?! can't wait to read that.

got any other faves? if so, post em' or send em' my way, please.