Saturday, October 28, 2006

Memo from the CIA

My friends and longtime readers:

You know of my obsession with the illegal 1991 invasion of Panama by the first President George. Investigation of that illegal act eventually introduced me to the one true socialist hero in Central America.

In addition, my fabled obsession with the "Venezuelan Strongman" Hugo Chavez can be viewed merely as a natural extension of all these interests.

All of this has led me to believe in a certain level of evil in the American government. Which only feeds the "conspiracy theory" lover in me.

I love conspiracy theories the same way you liked teen boy bands as a kid.
I know I will eventually grow out of it. But until I do I will continue to jerk myself to sleep to the poster of Omar Efraƃ­n Torrijos Herrera dying in a fiery plane crash.

So now you know why I was on the official CIA webpage. But instead of bringing up redacted memos of General Torrijos, I somehow got the above pictured memo indicating the CIA's TERRORISM REVIEW FOR 6 SEPTEMBER 1990. I thinks somebody out there fancies me an internets bloggin Woodward's & Berstein.

The coolest parts are the CIA's assessment that a "military engagement in the Middle East [by U.S. forces] would trigger an outbreak of terror against the United States and it's Allies.

I must say I completely agree with the CIA and my undercover source "Deep Throat:3 Sally's Revenge" view that Bush I is 100% responsible for 9/11.

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