Thursday, October 26, 2006

X-Man or why I now get to call you Ghetto Fabulous

It's been 6 months since I last heard from X. That's what he's calling himself now. No literally, X. That might seem a bit odd.

But he tries to reassure his long time friends that he "will still respond" to his old name or even to "Ghetto Fabulous."

He even provided us a sound reason for his name change, it seems the old name "sounded a little to metro for my tastes."

So are you just going for "out of the closet" gay now?

IF you haven't hung around with us for six months you will subject yourself to speculation about why you can't hang with "the homies."

So in order to fill in the gap or backstory of x's disappearance I thought it would be fun to have a contest. The winner of my contest will provide the best explanation of x's backstory.

Mine went something like this:

"X met some bad i.e. "shady" characters who gave him $80,000 dollars to deliver some drugs. Who knows if he did or not deliver those drugs. Maybe that is why they call him x? Because it's such an unknown. Or maybe the new X doesn't really drive a Subabru and is so fucking hard core he needs to be addressed only as X."

X's explanation though is basically pussy. "I disappeared because I was a bitch and was Whupped by a 19 year old whore. I am just going to say I went through a midlife crisis early."

This contest has finally allowed me to settle on the topic my "Great American Novel" is going to be about. I encourage any readers who know X to give their ideas for a backstory as well.

Prizes for the winner. Consider yourself memed or tagged or whatever.

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