Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I guest blog at the Needs of the FEW

So just in case you guys can't get enough of me at one of my three blogs here is another blog. My Guest Blogging as Medusan-in-a-Box at the Needs of the Few!

I guess my career choice as Guest blogger is a pretty good career move. other than the fact that it does not pay. I am going to be fixing that pretty soon though. I might start allowing paid posts on my blog. I know I am a sell out. So what.
At least I don't write to the author of an obviously satirical Self Help blog asking for advice about how to deal with the fact that I am sleeping with my step sister like this guy did:
"I have never done a "blog" or wahtever this is. I just need to let things air out that have been really bothering me..to the core of my being. Since the age of 15 i have had relations of the adult manor with my step sister..we are both in our 30s now....there are more details but I won't get into that now.....I feel horrible...can i can i talk to someone..I sure can't talk to family or friends!!!"

"My last post was about my step sister..if you any USEFULL advise e-mail me @trip20s@hotmail.com"

I am sure my helpful readers can come up with some advice. One reader suggested that if I gave him advice then my advice would not be "Self Help" therby defeating the whole purpose of the blog!


Evil Spock said...

Evil Spock would like to thank you for contributing. Now to get back to working on that tan.

Jezebelsriot said...

Oh, that is funny. Very funny. What kind of help? To figure out how to lay her again? My step-cousin tried to do me when we were little, and I refused. Not because he was my step-cousin, but because he was ugly and had hair like a brillo pad.

Romius T. said...

damn that brillo hair, otherwise we'd be getting a great incest story from you!