Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Poetry Month was Last Month, but I still have Bukowski on the brain.

This is for Katie. Since I can't get Bukowski out of my head. Now I am going to write poetry just like him.

Good news I got the book I wanted from the library. Post Office. But I've finished reading it already.

Here is my attempt at e-stalking Hailey Duff.

Straight from the horse's mouth.

Dear Hillary

I think you should read Charles Bukowski. He is a great American writer. I think you must have a crazy, but so interesting life. If you could capture it in realistic simple prose like him. It would be a document for celebrity in the modern world. Do you have the talent for that? I don't know. But you are self-consciousness. That is evident by your blog. I'd be fascinated by the minutia of your life as we all would be.

Yours Truly

Romius T.

And her reply went like this:

My name is Haylie. But thanks for the words of advice, I'll take them into consideration. :)

Here is what Hailey thinks of people stealing her picture. I think she took my advice and finally started writing poetry.
Haliey's Poetry.

Using someone else's
and pretending to be them
is Identiy Theft.
You can be caught
and prosecuted
by the law for it
by tracing your
computer's IP address
back to you


My second contribution to this week in National Poetry Month. 1 month too late.

What I am doing.

I walk into the kitchen
open the freezer
and pull out
two Circle K bags
that are wrapped around
a bag of ice

I plunge my hands
and grab what's left
of the ice

and throw it my
32 ounce tumbler
and shut the

then I open the
and pull out
a bottle
of RC
and fill my glass
too much foam
I fill my cup
to the top anyway

she walks by
asks me "what I am doing?"
drinking soda
and listening
to the carbonation crackle

the crushed
and not doing much

Not sure
why you'd ask
me that

that's what I'll answer


Jezebelsriot said...

I can't believe you got her name wrong... no, I can believe that. What I really can't believe is she responded! That poor girl must suffer from low self-esteem and older sister overshadowed syndrom. Maybe I'll write her now and tell her she doesn't have to respond to boys who don't even know her name.

Romius T. said...

Oh but she must respond mustn't she. I mean I totally told her she was interesting. Even if I did not mean it and she knew it.

Evil Spock said...

I could only imagine what the younger Lohan and Spears are up to. Romius, you must get in contact with them too!

Knows It All said...

I love that her profile name address is "allscrewedup"

i wish my name was Haylie.

Romius T. said...

Evil Spock

Britney's sister seems halfway respectable so I have no interest, other than purient with her.

As to lohan's sister I have posted about her before. She seems really sweet and cute if you know what I mean.

Knows it all,
I love that you caught that about haylie. My little neice is named haylie! so its a great name!