Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hold her right there, Mr. President...You're under arrest!

Bush's impeachable offense!

"Yes, the president committed a federal crime by wiretapping Americans, say constitutional scholars, former intelligence officers and politicians. What's missing is the political will to impeach him."

"Looking at this controversy objectively, you inevitably end up with a question of impeachment," says Jonathan Turley, a professor at the George Washington University School of Law."

Is this how we are finally gonna get this asshole Bush?

For some reason I almost (and I mean almost) feel sorry for Bush II on this one. Let's face it the FISA act that he violated is virtually toothless since, "more than 15,000 have been granted, with only four requests denied since 1979. And in emergency situations, the government can even apply for FISA warrants retroactively."

Why didn't Georgey comply with these "minimal requirements?" Let's say that instead of getting himself into trouble that Bush followed the legal doctrine needed under FISA to spy on Americans. Then the current executive branch's determination to invade our privacy would just be made all the more effective, because now he could make a claim to lawfulness.

Are we really any less secure in an environment in which the court system rubber stamps presidential requests? If not then what's the big deal? There was only a 4000 to 1 shot that the courts would deny any of his requests.

When we have a situation where the executive branch has gotten out of control, we rely upon the checks and balances that were built into the constitution to protect us.

Unfortunately we have been let down by an ineffective and bullied judicial branch, and a legislative body more interested in protecting their own than worrying about us.

Next, Bush will just claim "We're at War," and for most Republicans and too many Americans that'll be enough. We're then more than happy to cede away our civil rights, hell many of you wish some us didn't have so many damn rights in the first place. I'm not sure if we can find enough members of the American populace willing to fight for their rights.

But I guess since we can fuck him, I am all for it!

Source: Salon

P.S. If we do arrest him, I want the monkey to do it!

Update: Looks as if maybe Bush did not break the law after all. Crap.


Christ, I edited this crappy post 12 times and it still reads like shit, all for naught perhaps. At least I got the monkey pic out!

Update Part Deux:

Bush was denied wiretaps, bypassed them

Maybe the courts are working. So let's go impeach his ass.

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