Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Knee-Jerk Liberals (Don't worry I still am one!)

Boo-Hoo!! A mass murderer was just executed. Let's all gather around with candles and pay homage to cold-blooded murderer. Now I see why all the nut jobs out there call us "Knee Jerk." I just don't like "getting it."

Two of my favorite people ( here and here) had to go out there and profess their love for a sadistic, evil creep who was is responsible for hundreds of deaths and worse the loss of thousands of souls to the gangsta lifestyle.

Foxxylove excerpts from Trey Ellis' post article the improbable story that "All the evidence in the case against Mr. Williams is circumstantial and all of the witnesses against him suspect (and felons themselves, the key witness currently in jail in Canada for armed robbery). Even if Mr. Williams had not turned his life around in prison there is still enough reasonable doubt surrounding his case to lock him up forever instead of killing him."

Hell, O.J. had blood all over him and he got off, right? He is the admitted head of the leading gang of L.A. ( the world basically.) WE know he killed people. Since when is circumstantial evidence not enough to convict? Circumstantial sure got my boy Scott Peterson(I know that guy is innocent!) Not only that, but this gangsta thug inculcated his macho, anti-social world view on the developing minds of hundreds if not thousands of young people. No amount of remorse or high school prison visits can equal the score now. The Weltanschauung of our youth today can be traced back to Stanley "Tookie" Williams. War crimes against humanity. That's a legacy no one can support.

My other good friend Jeezebel concluded she might have missed something because the "contradictory justice system claims as its primary goal is to reform the prisoners productive [and make them] contributors to a civilized society and not [for] retribution or revenge for the crimes that they have committed."

Sorry, but WTF are you talking about here sweetie? One of stated goals of "the justice system" in the United States is REVENGE. It might be nice if we lived in a country that tried "rehabilitation," but we don't. People want revenge, when their car is keyed, they would like to see the guy who did it have his balls cut off. Our justice system mirrors this attitude.

Why do so many liberals feel sorry for this guy? Because they have no systematic view of justice or of society. Look there are plenty of good examples when the criminal justice system is out of control. I am not for the death penalty but killing murderers is hardly one of 'em. Liberals should be just as outraged by serial killer or an exploiter of the disadvantaged as republicans. Don't we (also) believe that the first right people have is to live?

This A-hole "Tookie" Williams violated the basic civil rights of thousands. He killed many himself, or by example, by his order, or by his general method of business. Wanna know how should feel about this guy? Imagine he is the Patriot Act and you a re a pile of library records, Tookie liked to burn the shit out of library records, getting angry yet? If I was the parent of one of the boys he indoctrinated into criminality or one of his victims, I wouldn't give a shit that he turned his life around. He owed that to society by that point. It gets him no free pass or brownie points, or even an extension on his forfeited life.


foxxxylove said...

Hey, fix my link sucka!

For the record, I never said I didn't think Tookie was a killer. In fact, he clearly was. You can't be a gang leader without the killin'.

However, you also can't serve time or be put to death for murders you didn't commit. I'm not sayin he didn't kill the people he was accused of killing. I do know that the case wasn't strong. ALL of the witnesses against him were informants doing time themselves. ALL black people jurors were excluded. The ballistics evidence was questionable at best. We could go on and on as to why this case just didn't stack up.

If indeed Tookie DIDN'T kill THOSE people, does it make it right to put him to death on GP (that's general principle for the white folks in the audience) because he killed other folks? Nope. That's not how the game is supposed to be played, even in my knee-jerk liberal world.

To simplify my argument, I just don't like the death penalty. Tookie was a killer, but I still don't like the death penalty. It accomplishes nothing. It doesn't end the suffering of families. It doesn't bring murdered loved ones back. It's prejudicially administered. It's really expensive. It doesn't even happen that often, statistically speaking. So why bother?

It makes it even worse when someone worked hard at redemption. It's not like Tookie just decided to change his ways in the 11th hour.

I agree that Tookie sparked "war crimes against humanity." But how many people among us have done the same thing. Fuck, most of em are world "leaders." Why haven't they gotten the death penalty yet? Seems like it's ok to be an asshole killer if you're a rich white guy, but off with you're head if you're poor and black (or brown, or red).

So if we're gonna be serious about the death penalty, let's get the real killers out there. Tookie is small potatoes compared to the likes of the Bush family. Why has he forfeited his life while Dubya hasn't?

Jezebelsriot said...

Well, my position on it is definitely influenced by the fact that I don't believe in the death penalty. At all. And he was definitely a killer. BUT he truly was the ideal candidate for clemency by the works that he dedicated his life to following his incarceration. I'm not saying let him out of prison to live among civilized society, but rehabiliation seems to have been achieved.

Now I'm wondering with all that ranting and raving how you felt about the people rooting for Gotti to get off, we herald the Italian gangsters as underclass heroes in pop culture.

And I still really don't get it. Again Charles Manson. Just chilling in prison enjoying his life sentence being crazy, talking about floating butterflies and cosmic rays and we sell his image on Tshirts at Hot Topic.

Esereth said...

Jezebel, Charles Manson... he was convicted in that small period (1966-1977) where there was no death penalty in America. Tookie got in just under the wire, 1979.

I read Guvanator's rejection of clemency for Tookie, and he didn't believe Tookie was reformed, or showed any regret for what he'd done (well, he never admitted to it). Disturbed that he dedicated his books to other convicted and imprisoned murders.

Foxxy, Which rich white asshole killers that have been as responsible for suffering as Tookie have gotten off with no consequences? Besides Abraham Lincoln? Not being smarmy, seriously interested. Don't count Bush, someone new.

Anonymous said...

That tookie still looked like a killer -- even after all that "rehabilitation." Just look at the guy. He was going to do something else criminal sooner or later.