Tuesday, December 06, 2005

You may find this shocking, but Bill O' Reilly is a nutjob!

I was watching last night's edition of the Factor when the great cheese head, taking a breather from his WAR ON CHRISTMAS, bloviated about the "far left's hatred of free speech."

What was Mr. O' Reilly's example? Four protestors at a Hillary Rhodam speech heckled her position on the War in Iraq.

"Am I the only one who thinks this?" (That heckling speech is proof of the left's mistrust of free speech.)

Um,... in a word ...Ya. I realize that Bill's show is infotainment -he does not however.

First, why do four kids in Chicago determine what the "Far Left" is?

You'd have to be some kind a moron not to realize that your descriptor "far left" is an amorphous metaphor designed to inflame right-winger's worst fears and not really an attempt at describing a particular group or position. The Far Left is a splintered and fractured set of people with many conflicting values and ideas. Many commies are pro-violence, right?

It is also quite disingenuous to claim that protesting and heckling is the same thing as silencing a person's right to speak. These kids were protesting an elected official. They weren't passing laws saying you can't say "fuck" on TV at 6 am, nor were they suggesting that dissent was tratorious like the far right often does.

Did they engage in polite behavior? No. Was it disruptive? Of course it was, but they weren't saying Hillary was not entitled to her ideas nor suggesting she was not entitled to a place to say them. They were saying that as an elected official who supports killing and a war--"We oppose you."

While peace groups are mainstream far left, not everyone of us is a complete pacifist.

Many in the far left may like "acting up" but many also prefer to do their protesting outside while respecting a groups right to gather uninterrupted inside, but we should not conflate that right with free speech.

Mr. O'Reilly shows neither how 4 kids from Chicago constitute a true picture of the far left or how a targeted "direct action" protest (itself a form of free speech) implies a distaste for the right of others to hold a view point different from their own.

Hey, maybe now I will make it on to O'Reilly's list of left-winged smear blogs!!

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Anonymous said...

i'm gonna tell bill you're talking about him so he can smear your blog. thanks for coming out to bingo! also, that smutty teacher (Debra L) is kinda H-O-T.
-La Isla