Thursday, December 15, 2005

A reply to my critics...

In order to respond adequetly to the comments my last post received, I felt it necessary to post a rebuttal in the form of another post.

First, foxxy your link works fine so, huh?

Second, I am glad I anticipated all of your arguments before I wrote that little entry. I too would have attacked the author's presumed racism and his class bias. Some of your arguments are well thought out, but I wasn't debating your fine points I was giving a strategic lesson on how to frame the issues. I too would have used the exact same arguments against the blog entry myself if I felt the position of that author reflected an agreement with any of the points both commentators made. It's not that author dismisses the commentators points...

It's just they all miss the point!

"We can't imprison or execute on general principle." I don't recall making a defense of such a proposition. I recall trying to identify why those who are undecided and in the middle are wary of the "extremist" positions those of us on the left make. Proposing a slowdown to the Prison Industrial Complex is extremist, and we need to make better arguments for doing so. Defending obvious criminals is a strategy that will get you 1% of the vote and a PETA bumper sticker on your Volkswagen. Great. Skinny chicks and shitty BBQ's do not make for an electorate that can take down the great political machine of the Republican right.

"I am so against the death penalty." Good, so am I , but I still don't go around defending convicted drug lords, and murderers. Why do you? Why not come out against the institutional incarceration of most crimes? Why not make an argument that says 2 million people in the US are wrongly imprisoned and silenced as part of the "surveilance society." Why not defend truly innocent people and get on the DNA bandwagon with that OJ lawyer?

No, no, no..instead lefties support idiots like Tookie. Tookie's defenders want to give him a funeral that "befits a statesman." That's fucking ludicrous. This guy is not Neslon Mandela, this guy is a thug. I say defend the common man. Defend the ordinary drug user in the ghettos. Attack the system that convicts and arrests more African-Americans than whites even as they commit the same crime. But go out of your way to defend this ass-hole? Why? The whole point to that blog entry was to give some strategy to a bunch clueless Dem's and liberals.

I was not sticking up for whitey, aka George Bush or the enormous "war crimes" wrought by American foreign policy. That's the kind of obsfucation by conflation I would expect from the right, not the left. I agree we should go and get "G.W.", but in what way do the war crimes of someone else (evil George) have to do with the guilt or innocence of another (Tookie)? By your logic since some people commit murder, we shouldn't lock up thieves or men who assault and batter their wives (their crimes aren't as heinous). Even if your illogic was true, why defend an obvious lightning rod like Tookie?

Of all the people out there to defend, we pick a creep like this Crip gangsta? Foolish. That's why the right always wins. They understand people's "gut reaction" to this kinda liberal nonsense.

And until the left figures this out, we will go a long way allowing those in the right-wing war machine to paint us as soft, pansy, cut and run- traitors. Let's take the fish out the barrel for 'em at least.


Jezebelsriot said...

Woh woh woh, slow down there buckaroo. You're gonna pop a hernia if you keep getting all riled up like this. I bet your little fingers have blisters on the tips. And of course your palms, always with the palm blisters.

I don't really feel I need to defend my position, anything I've said, or fasten a functional rebuttle to any of your comments... except one.

I do definitely run around supporting convicted drug lords, I have no other choice. Do you know how hard it is for me to get drugs now that I'm not hanging out with high school children or the police, which we all know get the best drugs except for gay guys. They get the really good drugs because they just want to fuck on them. Gang bangers get really great coke because they are more than likely cooking it up into rock so that if you get a ball off them because you're friends, it's more than likely some of the most potent pure shit around.

The government's constant and chronic war on drugs that really isn't making too much of a dent into the underground drug trade, is however making it damn near impossible for me to get drugs because I am no longer willing to drive to East St. Louis at four in the morning and kick it at some dude's house while he punctuates his animated story with a slick black gun just to spend a weekend fucked up and horny.

And you of all people should know I wholeheartedly support the drug trade which has to include the drug lords. They are the brave soldiers bringing me my weekend fuck up and their mission in life is just as valuable as the dude blowing away some militant Iraqi with a bomb strapped to his chest.

Where is the drug lord's parade? Where is National Drug Lord Day?

romiustexis said...

Sorry, I forgot how much you liked the drugs. P.S. can you get me some?

Jezebelsriot said...

Oh hell no. You know that even smoking pot is now supporting terrorism and subject to the same penalties as treason.