Saturday, June 10, 2006

She Freak-awfully bad (but awesome) remake of "Freaks"

A few years back I was introduced by a friend to one of the freakiest movies of all time. The appropriately titled Freaks.

Now normally if this friend told you he discovered a movie or music you began to worry. You worried like a leper running through barb wire.

But in this case Cardshark's taste for the 'bizarre' actually paid off. Freaks is a top 100 movie by anyone's standard. The film uses real life "circus freaks" and frankly still has the power to shock modern audiences 74 years later.

The folks over at YesbutnobutYes have discovered a 1967 film by David F. Friedman

"a highly inferior update on Todd Browning's classic horror film. Fantastic footage of a real carnival and some nice shots of classic sideshow banners are appealing, but for me the highlight is a scene about 90 seconds in that demonstrates how to woo a woman. "

Click here for the video sample of the movie. It is so worth it!!

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foxxxylove said...

Talk about Smack my bitch up!