Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A letter of Sympathy for Mrs. Steve Nash.

It's tough out there for a NBA wife. I bet all you NBA wives hang out together. Since you probably do, I bet you all probably haven't stopped talking about 'The Mark Cuban incident.'

Mark Cuban is a billionare NBA team owner who forces his wives' girlfriends to go all 'strip club' on him.

I guess the obvious question is does Steve make any of your girlfriends give him lap dances? Or is this just something that the wives of NBA owners have to put up with and not players wives? If he doesn't make any of your girlfriends give lap dances, do you think it's just because he thinks all your girls are ugly? Or is it some law in Canada that all lap dances have to be done in French and/or English? I guess that law is pretty tough to follow for Paraguayans.

I sure hope it's the former and not the latter unless the latter is owners' wives in which case I meant them.

This post is dedicated to Lisa Loeb and the prospect of running a joke into the ground.

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