Wednesday, June 07, 2006

You knew I had to blog about this.

Jodie Sweetin A Full House star-but not one of the Olsen twins- "has put an end to years of unemployment by signing on to host a strip show on Fuse, Pants-Off Dance-Off."

I guess you can take the Meth out from head of the Child Star, but not the Meth Head cracker ho' out of Jodie. She is pictured here with her co-star Candace Cameron who just like her brother went all Christian "Way of the Jedi" on us.

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foxxxylove said...

Awww! Lil Stephanie has a job, and on Pants Off Dance Off no less. I hope she's getting paid what she's worth. I mean, being forced to flabby white guys with man boobs and back hair take it all off does sound like work. Hey Romius, you gonna be on the Dance Off anytime soon (he he he)