Monday, June 19, 2006

Basic Cosmology.

You may remember a post on my blog a while back called "Memoirs of 30 year old?"

Well I am in the process of going through some of my old stuff and editing it. Those of you guys who got a kick out of it the first time might wanna check out the edited version.

The narrative flow is a bit better, but since you have nothing to compare it to you could just go an earlier version I found HERE to see it.

The newer version is closer to my initial intention, make sure to check out the links I have added. It's like when those amateur editors re-did the Phantom Menace. Not like when Lucas fucked with the original Star Wars.

I have attempted fixing up my two posts with the most views...

Jessica Hawn

Steve Nash Hates His Fake Girlfriend

What else have I changed?

Well, for starters I am no longer employing random colors in my text. I now use color to denote a link to another site. I am trying to use different font sizes to show emotion now.

This post is dedicated to Molly, Foxxy and Jezzebel.

Attack of the INFP:

"Rewrites are no problem—INFP's often love to revise. Writing tends to be lengthy and they fall in love with the words. May assume readers know more than they do or agree with their theses."

I thought that was just because I was a bad writer, apparently it is also a charcter flaw.

"Because they empathize so strongly with others, may soften the message too much."

You may not believe it but I do it.

"They can always find a more clever phrasing, so may have trouble letting go."

I still haven't let go. Some of you may noticed that I have changed this post 7 times.


Knows It All said...

Good stuff. Can't say I'm convinced to give the time of day to any white man who isn't visibly-carrying a gun, but does make me think a bit about my dismissiveness.

foxxxylove said...

Thanks for the dedication! I even brought you a new fan. So I see the hurricanes didn't get to ya!

romiustexis said...

Thanks know it all!

Thanks foxxy!!! she's cute..(did I say that out loud?)

foxxxylove said...

Yes you did you big perv! Tee hee hee.