Friday, January 12, 2007

I may have just killed Kafka

This isn't my last night in Palmetto, but it is close. So I thought it was about time that me and the bug had it out.

"It's kinda late isn't it?"

I guess it is.

"Before it strikes a quarter past seven, whatever happens I must be completely out of bed. Besides, by then someone from the office will arrive to inquire about me, because the office will open before seven o'clock."


"I thought you liked Kafka."

I do.

"Haven't you read Metamorphosis?"

Of course I had.

"You must be the biggest bug I evber seen in my life."

"Do you really fail to see the irony?"

I live in Palmetto, Florida with the biggest Palmetto bug in the world. But I swat anyway.

"Yeah, I am leaving though."

But I don't think I quite get cockroaches. They have some crazy ass ability to flaten themselves out. And this flyswatter approach is going to leave a disgusting amount of splatter.

"I just can't believe you didn't recognize the quote as Kafka."

Fucking roach. Contact buzz. But even my halucinations are smarter than me.

"They won't know. If you let me go. I'll just go back to hiding on your paper plates."

No can do Mr. Bug.


Jezebelsriot said...

I remember those bugs. The seemed like the size of my whole hand when I was little. I used to trap them in jars and torment them, until I got old enough to realize that was gross. I've read very very little Kafka, looks like I'm dumber than you and the bug.

katie schwartz said...

you are such a quirk pot wrapped in a riddle. LOVE IT!

Romius T. said...

jezzy you need help young ladie. what else do you torment. perhaps middle aged men?

Thanks katie you are most awesome.