Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A letter of re-introduction to Mrs. Steve Nash.

I know I promised a while back not to write letters to you any more. But I break my promises a lot. Ask my parole officer. If you see him tell him I said hi.

I figured since I was moving back to Phoenix I should send you a "letter of introduction" just like they used to back in the good old days.

I am not too sure how these things work anymore. I mean the FBI has already handed you a threat assesment about me. Your more likely to die in a car accident than ever meet me. Much less perform oral sex on me.

Thing you might want to know about the oral sex thing. It takes me forever to come that way. You could be down there for a while if that's the way we go at it.

Also my poop turns yellow the next day if I drink a lot of beer. I think that is a sign that my liver is ready to quit. I am not sure if you needed to know that I just wanted to tell you something personal and private about me. Since I know so much about you.

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