Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mrs. Romiustexis aka "Keri Russel" is with child

You heard it here last folks. Felicity is pregnant. With this news My pregnancy/lactation fetish fantasies have reached their Apex.

In other news I have finally settled in to my new/old hometown of Tempe.

Some might find these to be interesting facts about Tempe.

It's OK to cut in line at the local gas station if you are "just here for the beef jerky." Just stick your dirty hands into the beef jerky dispensing apparatus and be on your way. There is no need to pay for beef jerky in Tempe. As long as you know how to answer the clerk if she asks you the following question, "Just here for the jerky again?"
Yes. The answer is Yes.

I might be posting again on some kind of regular basis, but don't get your damn hopes up. None of you missed me. You just went on about your life like I don't matter. But if you stopped here at least every now and then you would know that it is OK for teen girls "to go wild." A scientist said so. Or a woman. Look Just go read the article for yourself if you don't believe me.

This post is dedicated to Apex TVs. Try and find a better 200 dollar TV anywhere. I dare you. They don't call it Apex for nothing.


Pain said...

We, Ourselves must call bullshit on this one. We do too care about you for you represent to Us, Collectively, the apex of socail engineering in a state powerful enough to guarantee the right to jerked meats to all its citizens.

Who do you think warps the minds of girls back to their carnal and most animalistic states so they can "go wild"?

That would be We, Us!

Anonymous said...

why the fuck am i not in a blog you love? is it cause i don't blog often or cause you don't love me/my blog? i know it's not highly intellectual, but still.....

-la isla

Romius T. said...


I will remedy that situation as you of course deserve status as a linked blog i love. After transitioning over to new blogger I lost all my blogroll. I have to go in and add them manually. I must say how sorry I am to have overlooked your gift to the world.


Like Hume for Kant you have awoken me from my slumber. Sometimes bearing the burden for humanity becomes difficult. And I strike out at my apostles and friends.

Of course you all need me. And I will continue my service to humanity. And may all the girls go wild.

Jezebelsriot said...

Of course Of course we missed you. Since myspace is blocked at my job, if you're not posting what the hell am I supposed to do all day?

Romius T. said...

I better get to posting. Can we be myspace friends?