Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Top songs about strippers/prostitutes by UFO

Don't be knee jerk liberal and get pissed off by the title of this blog entry. UFO loves women. And unlike most bands out there UFO actually will take the females point of view seriously.

Not the typical misogynist hair metal that you might expect from Def Leppard or Dokken. Though it is true that British Heavy Metal is heavily influenced by UFO, Ufo's brand of music "may be the most under appreciated archetypal rock band since Thin Lizzy."

This guy totally gets what makes UFO great.
"Genre divisions don't apply inside my head, though, and the key advantage of UFO over most of the truer metal bands, for nostalgic purposes, is that nostalgia is a wistful emotion, and not many bands ever did wistfulness better than UFO. Their old songs sounded distracted and nostalgic when I was hearing them for the first time, and thus now I can listen to the new ones both as the subject of my recollections and the soundtrack of the exercise of recollecting. UFO sing me through reveries I know no other way to reach. I just wish I knew who else still wants albums like this."

"There's not currently much market for casual craftsmanship that isn't cloaked in period affectation or overproduced into abstraction, or discretion that isn't couched as coyness or jaded irony. UFO do no individual thing that some other band doesn't push to an extreme. I understand the logic of extremes, too, maybe too well. Maybe that's part of what I'm nostalgic for, an age when I knew less, when my world wasn't yet distended in so many directions, when the center didn't always seem so far away."

So here is the list of songs:
  1. Cherry-The gold standard of all stripper songs. Note I mean songs about strippers , not songs strippers like or would play. Most strippers have never heard of UFO.

Dance for me there’s only you /Play the barrooms just for pennies /Wish I wasn’t just passing through.

On the tabletops she’s dancing, sit and smile into your beer /Turn around no cherry for me, let me know you know I’m here

Tell me your secrets, tell me no one way lyin’ now/ I feel just like a rolling stone/ Into the highways of the night I roll alone

Seriously what guy hasn't sipped into his beer and hoped his stripper was really looking at HIM?

2. Highway Lady

You may hear this song in some of your "dive" bars. It made it as a selection on Harley Davidson's Best Road trip songs Album. The song is about a trucker who has sex with the titular character. He recognizes that she takes away his pain and wonders "How she feels?" about it all. The John with a soul archetype song.

You will nedd to skip ahead to 4 minutes in the song unless you want to hear "can you roll her?" a good song , but nothing to do with strippers or hookers.

3. Dance your life away!

Chains chains!!!

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