Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Third Letter of Concern for Mrs. Steve Nash

I feel like that last post was a little rushed. It felt formulaic. Also I may have made some unseemly comments about you giving me oral sex. I am deeply sorry for that. I didn't mean to imply that you wanted to give me oral sex. I did not want to imply that I wanted you to give me oral sex. It's not like that for us. We have a special bond that transcends sex. Anyways I am not the type that has sex with married women. At least now that I am out of my twenties.

I don't think todays post is any better than yesterday's was, but at least this time I have a real reason to contact you. I was doing my usual Google searches for Steve Nash's wife. I went to the same old site that inexplicably show up higher than mine.

Nothing's changed really. None of "those" sites keep in contact with you as much as I do. Unless they use the old mail system. But I am too worried about George Bush snooping on what should be our private correspondence. I know you are thinking that the Internet is not really private. But since nobody reads this site we might as well be talking in hushed tones in the girl's bathroom stall.

Like I said nothing has really changed until I noticed one of the comments that a blogger left about you. It really concerned me. The only thing that makes me feel better about this whole situation is that I am relocating back to Phoenix. So if this guy fucks with you or your family, just let me know. I can take care of things like that for you.

But here's what he said:

I see more and more people coming here to look for Steve Nash and family pictures... Glad you decided to stop by.

I'm doing my best to exhaust all my free Internet photo sources...pretty soon I'm going to have to go another route...

Another route? What the fuck? How far is this guy willing to go? All the way? Is that why his google page rank is higher than mine? Is this guy rumaging through your garbage. Are there high priced blackmail photos of you out there that I should know of? Because I would like to know some of them.

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