Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happy BirthDay to ME

On my birthday I always buy a package of Hostess cupcakes in case you forget about it. Then I take 2 candles out of the junk drawer and walk around for a few hours until I am all alone in the world.

Usually I am in a park next to a basketball court for some reason. Maybe I always live near basketball courts. I usually light the "cake" to the backdrop of "Born to Lose" by UFO on my walkman or diskman and now my Ipod.

Things you can do even though I am far away.

I don't think it would be a great deal of trouble for one you to start my very own Wikipeda article.

The soundtrack of your life today should include any UFO albums that you own or have been given by me. Worst case scenario go listen to the RomiusTexis Radio Station.

Best songs to get in my head:Dreaming of Summer- An aging UFO reunites. Dreaming of Summer nearly matches the original power of the classic UFO lineup.

I'm a loser- This cut/sample is a poor example of the studio album which is acoustic and electric guitar much like Zepplin. The live album is highly regarded. Rolling Stone called it one of the top 5 live albums of all time.

UFO moods are:

I think you can see why I might like that.

Maybe you can just rent Metropolitan. It is my favorite movie. You could print out a picture of me and prop it up next to you. I enjoy chocolate candy and popcorn with my movies. I talk during the previews so much that you might think I will disturb the film. Only if it is really bad and the only way I can keep you in the theatre with me is to keep you laughing. And even then we will just share secret whisperings.

Don't forget the coke.
Romius T.

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foxxxylove said...

Happy Birthday Sucka! Your socks are in the mail. If it makes you feel better, my face is swollen to the size of, well, a slightly swollen face.