Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Hunting Of K-Fed. Vol.1

After reading an article on K-fed I decided that I had come up with my next employment opportunity.

But my little money making scam has come up against a small snag. Kevin Federline doesn't want to be my friend.
I can't believe that Kevin Federline has so many friends that he can ignore my requests on My.Space to add me, but he has.

But if K-Fed is half as smart as I think he is, then he will end up adding me as his friend.

And I will then be able to ask him my idea about becoming his Ghost Writer for his Pre-Brittney Autobiography. What a glorious opportunity for the impressionable youth out there to learn about all the hints and secrets and life stories that a man of his stature, age and wisdom can impart upon us.

I look forward to carrying out K-Fed's message, whatever it is.

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