Monday, March 12, 2007

I don't like me either

I was asked to guest blog over at a Star Trek Themed website. I thought it went well. Except for the lack of enthusiasm exhibited by the blogs readers.
That's OK. I don't like enthusiasm in people. Or passion. It unnerves me.

It's also OK that none of my glorious readers clicked on the "digg" me option I set up over at Self Help too. It's not like I really want to be famous. Also I can't get any family or friends to read my blog. Even though harass them on myspace everyday.

In real life my family and friends think I am funny. But they always read my blog in a down cycle (The way it is in right now.) So screw 'em.

Isn't it great that you know how awesome I am? And how nobody gets it, but you. When you share this blog with folks and you promise that this blog is really funny afterwards your friends take a look at you and think "I need to get him/her on Ritalin."

Well I can only take so much of all that. That's why I am not blogging so much. Maybe one day. When I get me some talent I will try again. But that whole Digg sellout post got me depressed. And the latest offerings on this blog are self indulgent tripe. Well, not really self indulgent, but they are tripe.

Which is a kind of fat that Mexicans eat.


Stephanie said...

It's not my fault; you didn't provide any instructions! I'm an American - how am I supposed to know what to do unless someone explicitly tells me how??

Also, I refuse to encourage your self-indulgent whining by verbally petting you. Pull yourself out of this slump by your bootstraps, young man, and get back to blogging. Because the first rule of blogging is, "Don't take it personally." The second rule is, "There's just no accounting for taste." The third rule is, "Everything is funnier when you're drunk."

Now start typing!

Evil Spock said...

Between you and the good doctor, you had over 400 hits this weekend. Not bad. Since we've been averaging 170 hits for the month so far. Evil Spock is quite pleased. Comments and validation will come as you two keep blogging for me.

Btw, I'd like another article from you Mr. Romius.

Romius T. said...

I'm glad Dr. Steph won't let me stay in my pity party. But my creativity comes from pathos. So it's a buy one get one freee kinda deal.

But any way thanks for the pep talk. I will be working on an article for ya Evil Spock!

Anonymous said...

If you had more Larry King guest-blogs and more posts about me, I would hit the "dig" button. At least write more about our meth-head friend "Agent Zero." He's a nonstop source of blogworthy material.

foxxxylove said...

Maybe you should stop reviewing "Billy Jack."

Romius T. said...

whatch you talkin' 'bout foxxy?
Billy Jack is the seminal film of the 70's.