Friday, March 02, 2007

You better hope that your God has not grown as tired of you as I have

The world is a scary and dark place. Not just in Africa. Where the people have good tans, but face death, hunger and genocide the way we face alienation, anomie, and poorly made Lifetime movies here in America.

You can make a pretty good movie about Sudanese people overcoming the odds and doing good in society, but I can't get inspired by it. The only reaction I get from watching inspired people is depression.

I am a useless and worthless human being. Not that it takes being depressed to know that I've never done anything in my life. I can't even blame it on my village getting bombed or almost starving to death. My belly is swollen into 36 (OK maybe 38) inches of Pizza Hut's garlic encrusted dough. Unlike the Sudanese in this film I've never created a free health clinic or even gotten a degree in Economics. But then again I don't think I am a good person. Not that I think you are either.

I have a theory about how morality is linked to the mode of production, but you can't be trusted to read it. Just know that even a refugee's life in America sucks. And they probably feel sorry for you. Because we have lost what he calls "culture" and "community."

I don't romanticize community even though I am a communist. A culture's morality can't be judged by preliterate standards of cooperation. Capitalism at once inspires individualism and requires nearly unparalleled kinds of social cooperation.

The messianic force of radical critique finds salvation for the modern world precisely in it's comprehension of the social cooperation that is required by Capital. What critique seeks is not only the augmentation of this social dependency form to higher states of cooperation, but to build an awareness of the necessarily social in technologically advanced nations.

See, aren't ya glad I don't go any further there?


Stephanie said...

I think a hot tan may just be worth genocide, starvation, and a hardscrabble existence.

Romius T. said...

my thoughts exactly as I burn and never tan...

Unknown said...

I've met exactly three Sudanese men in my life and they all had incredible bone structure, super sexy accents and huge cocks. Well, I don't know that they had huge cocks, I'm just confusing fantasy with reality.

You are a bit brilliant, we could both do ourselves a disservice and stop acting like such self-deprecating assholes.

I hate myself more.

Romius T. said...

In the first part of your comment I thought you were talking about me. Super sexy and all.

In the second part I grew concerned that you were trying to be better at me at hating myself.

No way baby!!!