Monday, March 19, 2007

I am a winner

The universe is always looking out for me. Like just today I learned that I could win a prize simply by clicking on Kevin Federline's search engine.

How cool is that? What's the prize you ask? You can win tickets to attend K-Fed's birthday party. Wow. Do you think I care that accommodations and travel are not included. Hell no. Who wouldn't want a chance to meet the Fed? Even if it means paying for it.

Want more proof that God loves me?

It turns out the cat and dog food you've been giving your animal companions is slowly killing them. I knew if I prayed long enough god would revenge me.

I've been reading Jung lately. His answer to Job. God is amoral. Unconscious. An antinomy of contradictions. Yes, god attacked me with a German Sheppard. But god also got his revenge against that animal.

Millions of pets slain. Perhaps that's why in the future we domesticate the ape. And plant the seeds of our own destruction.


Dr. Stephanie said...

Party with K-Fed?

Wait, this is incentive to USE the search engine??

Is this some kind of reverse psychology head trip?

Romius T. said...

We should totally crash his party together. How fun would that be?

Dr. Stephanie said...

So much fun that we would probably be forcibly ejected by 2 of his hairy moles!