Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ninja World Movement Alert

World Control has become aware of a massive deployment of Ninjas.

Angola has entered into the collective unconscious of this blog by sending 2500 of its deadly Ninjas to attack Zimbabwe.

Angola sends 2500 'ninjas' to Zimbabwe - World -

The move was called "normal" and "unnewsworthy" by Zimbabwean authorities. We at World Control know better.


Stephanie said...

"Ha ha! Pay no attention! This is the opposite of interesting. Dull. Not noteworthy in the least! Everyone, just go about your business as usual...."

Yep, any time a country labels its actions as uninteresting, that's code for, "You should definitely get the UN on the phone."

Romius T. said...

It need not be said that Dr. Stephanie is two steps ahead of the ninja.

Watch your back.