Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Misanthrope of the Month Award

And the award for Misanthrope of the Month goes to... Orange County Court Judge Nicholas DeRosa for "sentencing Michael Melfi, a skinny, baby-faced 19-year-old from Washingtonville, to the maximum for his role in a cat-killing rampage at the Blooming Grove Humane Society's animal shelter."

This wanna be PETA motherfucka placed the rights of rat chasers ahead of the rights of humans.

Clearly the boy is damaged goods. Yes, what he needs is some counseling. Maybe a good family life. But he certainly does not deserve jail time for doing nothing more than any of us do when we order up a bucket of wings from KFC.

Since when does an animal have a right to life?

My stepmother would be mortified by this post. Good thing she decided to not let me watch the dog and cat during her trip away from her trailer park. Sorry, I was reminded it is a Fifth Wheel.

Lots of gators in these here parts.

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