Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Ultimate Betrayal

You'd like to be angry at me for "violating the ultimate sanctity." But I thought that was "our secret pact." I am not the one who is violating it. You weren't supposed to tell anyone. But now you've gone and done it.

I know you haven't talked to your stepbrother in 10 years. So I am not sure how you guys were able to square your stories so quickly.

Funny thing is your not very angry at me. "You feel sorry for me." And you're more mad at your Mom than me. I think that says something.

Your stepbrother says his hand was flushed down the toilet. That is quite unfortunate. You were both "thrown" in to a kitchen wall. That probably hurt.

I seem to recall something else. I remember secret meetings where you and your stepbrother planned to kill me. I remember fearing for my life.

You think you remember "things." Touching.

You don't remember the audio recordings do you? You don't remember the doctor reports. Where did all the blood go? Did you go poopie in your pants instead?

Who the fuck is Andee? Haven't you guys ever heard of false memories? You have video of a false memory. I have a tape recording of you denying it.

Who licks people in a car? You never said that. Just the interviewer. Do you remember that?

Stop blaming me for your failed lives. For your inability to be strong. For your failure to become successful. Maybe your just a miserable person.

I did my best.

This post is dedicated to finally getting "it" off my chest.


Jezebelsriot said...

Well, I wish I knew what you were talking about as I am intrigued, but I supposed that is the blogger's privilege... sounding all mysterious and angry.

Romius T. said...

I was watching msnbc and saw a show on a CHOMO. I just "ripped from the headlines."