Sunday, December 17, 2006

Watch out Keith and the Girl, A New Podcaster is in Town

Word around town there is a new podcast coming soon. It concentrates on Big Brother, conspiracy theories, Domestic Surveillance, privacy concerns, Biometrics, Robotics and Forensics.

A wide ranging podcast that doesn't take itself to seriously. No tin hat wearing paranoid, the podcaster believes that Osama destroyed the Twin Towers and The New World Order is the result of paranoid anti-Semites.

I can't say that there is anything like this podcast in the world as we speak.

I do have some concerns. The podcast seems to be recorded on one of the 99 cent microphones and the podcaster has no ability to mix music, audio files or sound effects yet. He doesn't even know how to post a blog for this podcast.

The first posting is simply a test run to see if he could get a podcast posted on the Internet. I am not sure that all the effort needed to simply do that was worth the final product which was a bit amateurish.

I plan on giving this guy a while to get his stuff together. In the long run the subject matter is to intriguing not to.

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