Friday, February 09, 2007

Approach/Avoidance disorder has its upside too

I don't have anything to say. Nothing good anyway. I haven't felt inspired for some time to write for this blog. If you took a look at the last few posts you already knew that.

A lot of shit is happening in the world. Anna Nicole is dead. And the best thing that will be said about her has been said by The Drunken Stepfather. I keep linking to him hoping he will notice me. I think he will feel good about himself when he figures out how I copy his shit and it got me nowhere in this world. But look where it got him.

I wanted to write a post on Disconnectedness. But I don't feel up to it. I was depressed today so I went to the casino and won 350 dollars on a splash/kill pot. I got up right after I won the pot. It garnered me few looks of disapproval. Nothing like the disapproval that comes from failing at life and looking in the mirror. But close.

You see people who suffer from personality disorders like mine have a hard time dealing with connecting to the universe/social world. It brings us pain. For most folks when they feel out of sorts they seek comfort in the other. In the feeling of belonging and unification with the "outside."

But not me. That shit really pisses me off. When I am out of sorts I don't get comfort from unification. Surrender only brings torment. I am explaining this wrong, but that's OK. You're only looking at Big Boobs.

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