Thursday, February 15, 2007

If you are not reading the comments of some of my superfans then you are missing out on some of the best stuff this blog has to offer

Not that this blog has much to offer. But of the things this blog has to offer witty retorts back and forth are some of them. And don't forget this blog is still free. That donation button is subtle suggestion and nothing more.

I don't need your stinking rat donations anyway. I won 60 bucks playing poker last night. All the while flirting with some opponents girlfriend.

He probably thought I was harmless. Just like Knows it All. It seems that Knows it All "Can't quite identify why I think you are at all harmless. I think you are...but it does seem weird that I would think that...right?"

You're right Knows it All. It does. But it is not at all unusual.

Like I said in my comment. Who says I am harmless? I never said I was harmless. Only small children and women with boyfriends think I am harmless. And children have have only their small brains to blame for thinking me harmless.

I make jokes when I play poker about "Not wanting to talk to women. That's why I keep duct tape in my van." And the pretty girl who's boyfriend plays poker smiles at me. She keeps pawing at her boyfriend, but laughs at my jokes. And I have a windowless van with duct tape.

Speaking of small children, I found the best job in the world for me. Ticket taker for the Merry-Go-Round at the local mall. If I get the job nobody will believe me when I tell them that it is my real job. They will just think old Romius T. is playing a prank on them. Until they bring the kids for a free ride. Suddenly my friends with kids will be silently uncomfortable around me.

I enjoy uncomfortable silences. I like the down time because I can use it to make pretend movies in my head. Just like Dr. Stephanie does. I am always the star of the movies and my I-Pod provides the soundtrack. I prefer long shots of me riding in a car backed by smooth or light Jazz.

I wrote down some blog notes about "Quantum Choice & who has the best day in life" in regards to the last paragraph. But I an't remember what the hell that had to do with anything, but I still felt the need to write it. It went something like all the choices I make end up bad, but allow for other people to have best damn day ever.

So enjoy your weekend. Courtesy of me. Making terrible choices, so that you can live free and beautiful.


Jezebelsriot said...

I changed my mind. THIS was funny. You are not harmless. We can watch America's Next Top Model together, but you have to be tied up until I let you out to go home and have the door locked. It's just the rules. I think it's pretty obvious that we are going to see you on the news over some type of sexual violence involving wire hangers and antiseptic, butI promise- I will be so fucking proud to say I know you.

Romius T. said...

Wow we could watch but I am tied up. that sounds great, the only way it would get better is if you had your friends over and they pulled my pants down and insulted my pathetic penis.

Now that's a fun day.

Dr. Stephanie said...

I think that should be your blog header: "Making terrible choices, so that you can live free and beautiful." That kind of makes you a Super Patriot. Only creepier.

Romius T. said...

I always knew I was a super creepy patriot. Now you have confirmed it for me.

Your advice about my blog header is under consideration....