Friday, February 09, 2007

I don't like complaining, but I do it a lot.

I have too many blogs. Imagine all the shit I write in just one blog. You'd be overwhelmed with my intellectual might. But since I have 4 blogs my genius gets watered down.

I haven't kept up with posting a lot about Hugo Chavez but a lot of crazy ass shit is happening down in Venezuela. But since I don't get any hits or comments about Hugo I assume you don't care about him.

Same with the Surveillance Society. It hasn't stopped creeping up on us. I've only stopped warning you about it. I can't just blame you though. I have to admit is much easier making fun of celebrities than making real news interesting.

Don't get mad at me just cuz I take the easy way out:

Men are worried about penis size. At least the Kansas City News thinks so.

"Reece's site promises men that they can increase the size of their favorite body part manually rather than with pills or pumps. His technique assumes that, as with, say, the biceps, proper exercise can cause the penis to expand. Some of these exercises are called "jelquing," which rhymes with milking. (Yes, it resembles the same action.)

Others are simply Kegels, the exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles with actions similar to those used to stop peeing in midstream. Women might recognize Kegels from magazines such as Cosmo, which recommends the exercises for women with weak vaginal muscles."

It's safe to say that I am obsessed with penis size too. Only with getting mine smaller. I practice techniques that shrink my organ a centimeter every year. That way when I finally get to be a cuckold my wife will never want to have the "sex" with me.

What a relief that will be.

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Jezebelsriot said...

I think everyone should stop pretending that penis size and pussy stretching doesn't matter. It does. No one wants to have sex with GG Allin (well, for other reasons too) and nobody wants to fuck a lady that can park a city bus overnight in her cervix.

You know, I've got really long lips, I mean really long lips. I could probably stretch them out and wrap them over your head like a rubber glove. And watching all the porn I watch, I could get the idea that my vagina is not attractive. But do I care? Fuck no. Because we are animals and animals like to have sex, and even if you're dick is small or your pussy is all loose and jiggly or your lips are obscenely long, someone out there will have sex with you. You might just have to lower your standards a bit and accept that you sex organs are substandard. Grow to love them. Say it loud and proud "I love my grossly long vagina lips!!!!"