Monday, February 26, 2007

Not only did James Cameron find Celine Dion, The Titanic, and spunky Leonardo Dicaprio he's also found Jesus' Tomb.

I've got this nagging problem. I am not sure if I should buy a Creative Zen 20 gig Mp3 player or the Video I-pod. The I-pod has 10 more gig and plays video. The Zen is "re-furbished" and is a hundred dollars cheaper. But it won't play video. But it does have a voice recorder and an FM transmitter. But I-tunes beats the shit out of Zen Cast any day of the week. I can't really afford the I-pod. But if I sold my Nano and case I could get almost a hundred bucks. Meaning I would only have to fork over 30 dollars for a 20 more gigs and a voice recorder.

I wished I had a nagging wife I could run this kind of problem over with.

Jesus had a nagging wife. She got buried right next to him. Only she wasn't as much as slut as your wife is. Mary Magdelene got paid to sleep around. Your wife does it for free.

Jesus lived and died with his wife. And then his followers buried him in a tomb next to her. James Cameron must found it while looking for the Titanic or something. Cameron's discovery of the Tomb Of Jesus gives about a billion people something new to do on Sunday.

I doubt that they will do anything much different. And the Friendly Atheist doubts that Cameron's "discovery" is really all that real:

"If it’s not… then you’ll still hear about it anyway. According to the Time blog post, one prominent Israeli archaeologist has already said the crypt is not Jesus’. His family couldn’t have afforded the luxuries and the Jewish names on the tombs were common in that region.

The whole story sounds eerily similar to that of the James Ossuary from a few years back. Maybe James Cameron is just trying to prove once again that he is the real King of the World."


Dr. Stephanie said...

Are you referring to one "Mary Magdelene"? 'Cause I don't think she'd care to be referred to as "Mary Madeleine." They went to school together, and did NOT get along.

Romius T. said...

god damn spell checker