Monday, February 12, 2007

Are David Foster Wallace's minions pissed off at me for "stealing" his ideas.

But I didn't steal your ideas David. I wrote the last post before I stumbled upon your short story. I thought Good People really fit into the mood of my blog entry, so I linked to your story.

You can all stop e-mailing me. And don't go thinking I stole his idea. Great minds can think alike. Read all my blogs to check out how much before you go deciding how much greater mine is. That's not to say he's not great. But I am too.

I mean Mr. Wallace allows for character and detail. He vividly describes the scenes he writes with the brush strokes of Michelangelo. But he doesn't add juvenile insults to "mentally challenged" folk like I do. I think that makes us quite different. Sure he could probably lecture without notes on the how many chromosomes we actually have, but Science isn't about Math. That's what Math is for.

I don't know who keeps e-mailing me, but you don't need to call me a plagiarist. If I was going to steal his work I would have never hyperlinked to it. I've only really plagiarized one blog entry ever. And I technically left a footnote in the comments section. So that's not really plagiarizing it's poor footnotemanship.*

* Which is ironic knowing Mr. Wallace's penchant for adding fake footnotes in is fiction.

This post is dedicated to David Foster Wallace. I don't care how much you hate Mark Leyner. You're still cool by me. Even though it took some doing to find a half way decent picture of you.

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