Monday, February 19, 2007

Romius T. the risk taker. If the only chance you take is taking no chances, you take the biggest chance of them all.

I was reading the ever reliable Jezebel's Riot and I remembered what I was supposed to write today. That's because Jezzy's brain has been morphing into Tony Powers. I fear his white teeth. And I fear even more those under his spell.

A buddy of mine always sounds like Tony Powers whenever he tries to convince me he's right. My buddy wanted me to join his gym and woorkout with him. But what he was unknowingly really trying to do was fuck with my brain chemistry. My brain architecture. That which makes me, me.

"You know if we don't do anything you are going to regret it. We have a shot here if we get in shape to make one last push (at attracting women.) The last thing you want is at the end of your life to look back and regret not trying."

"You've gotta take chance." I confirm for him. "Exactly!" His voice rises emphatically. Not as emphatic as when X is pumped up about some random point slapping the back of his hand and guffawing away inappropriately in public. But excited. Hopeful that I have seen the light. That I am ready to bulk up and and score.

"But I do take chances. I take a chance that person like you could never live with. The chance that my entire life will be worth shit. That I will look back over my entire lifetime and see nothing over the horizon other that a mountain of regret. That on my deathbed I will experience the worst kind of exististential pain possible."

"That's taking a chance my friend!"

"Wow." My friend responds to my quote with an air of grudging approval. "I guess you do take chances." And after pausing what he considers a respectful time period he bends toward me and ask "So what do you think about joining, then? Huh?"

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